Design a unique piece of art in the Fy! Studio

This summer we are calling for our community of content creators to create their own unique piece of art in the Fy! Studio

Fy! Studio is a magical space where you can create never-before-seen wall art in seconds using the power of AI. From your imagination to your walls, Fy! Studio allows you to create your unique masterpiece just by typing in your ideas. 

Recreate a special place or memory by trying things like “Watercolour Cornwall beach”, “hyde park in the moonlight” or ‘new york proposal under moonlight’. You can also combine your passions into something you won’t see anywhere else, for example do you love poodles and skateboarding?! - then you'll love these!

We would love for you to show your followers how to create art in the Fy! Studio through some in feed content. In exchange we will gift your Fy! Studio masterpiece - framed and ready to hang. Your content needs to show:

1. Your art idea 

2. How easy & fun it is to create unique art using Fy! Studio 

3. Your art creations


In exchange for your framed Fy! Studio art print we'd love you to create and post the following content:

Feed content showing how to create art in Fy! Studio. We are looking for an organic look & feel so happy with whatever format is most authentic to you and your channel. Creators so far have shared a screen recording using Fy! Studio to a video filming their laptop/computer screen showing the process and hanging their finished artwork. Would love to hear your ideas!

Examples of content we love

Fy! Studio Reel by Mango Manor

Fy! Studio Reel by forresterhome

Fy! Studio Reel by nicolajaneloveshome

All content files sent to Fy! giving us the rights to use and edit the content to be for our site, app & marketing. Please upload your content here ahead of posting on your channels.

1 x Instagram Story (at least 3 frames) highlighting:

- How to use Fy! Studio

- All video content to be shared with Fy! With and without captions

Gifting allowance

Your Fy! Studio masterpiece - framed and ready to hang. Create your design here

Content Requirements

Content should be light, colourful and demonstrate your style.
Please also adhere to these guidelines

High res files

Please share your content in the highest resolution you have. This makes it more likely we will feature your content.

Fy! product front and centre

We want to see your space but please make sure the the Fy! product is at the heart of the image and looking it's best.

Light, bright + colourful

Fy! is a really bright and positive brand so please make sure all of the content you create is full of light and colour.

With and without titles

To allow us to feature your content we need to have the files with and without captions and titles.

Show your style

Our followers are looking for inspo and ideas so please make sure all the content is full of your own style and ideas.

Share your referral code

As well as sharing the Fy! links please make sure you share your referral code so we can track how much we owe you!


Please complete the form to confirm your agreement to the brief & to order your gifting:
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Important Info

A few important guidelines we ask all creators to adhere to
Posts should include the following tags: and #fy
Fy! has the rights to use and edit the content to be used on our site, app & marketing
All content must clearly be marked as an ad according to current ASA guidelines
All content requires approval by Fy! before posting, Fy! may request up to one content redo